Objectives of the workshop:

  • to assess and continue the development of trait-based approaches in different fields of ecology and marine science,
  • facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and progress between marine, terrestrial and limnology-based researchers and students,
  • use a novel, collaborative format to identify core emerging questions and issues relevant to the use of trait-based approaches,
  • to point out how these methods can be utilized to better understand marine ecosystem functioning and as a framework for marine ecosystem modelling

Expected impact:

  • The trait-based approach is employed in many areas of ecology and ecosystem science, and the series of workshops on ‘Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life’ has proven to be a rare and vital meeting place for different disciplines in this field. With this third meeting we solidify the workshop as an essential clearinghouse for new developments in this field.
  • We expect the workshop will continue to inspire and trigger publications co-authored by participants from the many research groups adopting this approach.
  • The workshop will attract young talented students and future scientists to this vibrant field, and much of funding sources will be used to support travel and accommodation for students.

Scientific Steering Committee:  Ken Andersen (Technical University of Denmark), Andrew Barton (Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of California, San Diego), Stephanie Dutkiewicz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Tatiana Rynearson (University of Rhode Island), Øyvind Fiksen (Organizer, University of Bergen), Agostino Merico (Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology), Nicholas Record (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science), Chris Lindemann (University of Bergen), Jorn Bruggeman (Plymouth Marine Lab)

Any questions? Contact Øyvind Fiksen – University of Bergen (email: oyvind.fiksen@uib.no)