Getting there

Transport information – finding your way.

The best local travel planner:

From airport Sunday morning to Osøyro

Chartered bus directly to Solstrand: We have booked a private bus shuttle directly to Solstrand Hotel from the airport. All staying at the airport, or arriving with flights 10:15 or earlier can just take this bus. We will have a person guiding you in the arrival area – look for a sign with ‘Trait-based workshop’.

Public transport by tram/bus: This link gives you a sample of options with tram and bus. Note that you have to change from the tram to bus number 600 at Nesttun (after ca 20 min). The departures at 10:40 or 11:40 are good alternatives to get there in time.

Boat: It is also possible to take the boat to Osøyro, starting with a short bus shuttle at 11:15 from the airport.

Taxi: You can take taxi directly from the airport to Solstrand hotel. A regular taxi will cost about 750 NOK, and a maxitaxi (up to 16 persons) costs CA 1600 nok.

From Bergen downtown to Osøyro

Bus from Bergen Central stationthis link display some good alternatives. We recommend you take bus number 600 from the bus station leaving at 10:50. Here is a meeting point where a local hero will be sitting with a ‘Trait-based workshop’ sign and join you on the bus (from 10:30).

Boat from Strandkaien –  it is also possible to take a boat departing at 11:00 from Strandkaien, coming to Osøyro at 12:00. Many participants will be on this boat.

From Osøyro to the Solstrand hotel, 1 km

The bus (and the boat) stops in Osøyro, and does not take you all the way to the hotel. The last kilometer is a nice walk (directions here – it is possible to walk all the way but Google do not seem to know). We will shuttle luggage and people with cars as much as we can. There are also taxis next to the bus stop if needed.

The return to Bergen and the airport will be coordinated during the meeting.

Solstrand Hotel is the venue for the whole workshop, and is only about 35 km from the international airport Flesland and the same distance from Bergen. It is placed right next to Bjørnefjorden with a beautiful view towards the fjord and mountains in Hardanger. Travel suggestions from the hotel here.

Combine the Workshop with a vacation and Visit Norway! Or Visit Bergen?